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NEW 24 March 2017

Updated ASIO driver for USB VSR I-O (Variable Sample Rate) Audio Interface

Download ZIP file

28 Sept 2015

Updated ASIO driver

Download Zip file


Original ASIO driver for the USB VSR I-O (Variable Sample Rate) Audio Interface




 Installation Notes

1. Download the file to a convenient location, and then unZip the file

Important - make sure the USB-I/O VSR is connected to the computer before installing the Driver

2. Click on the setup.exe file


 3. Click on the Next button

4. If you agree with the install folder location, click on Install; otherwise click on the Browse
button to install in a different location.


5. The driver will install pretty quickly, then click on Next

6. Click on Finish

7. The software will be installed

8. Nearly all done, so click on Finish

9. When you have finished, you can open the ARX USB ASIO driver

Here you can setup the Streaming buffer

and the ASIO Buffer

and the Sample Rate. You can also adjust the Input Gain and Output Gain, and also
Mute the Inputs /Outputs if necessary by clicking on the M buttons

Then you're all set to go. Open your software, choose the ARX USB Device as the Audio
Input and Output device, and start recording.


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