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Early times

Utopia Sound and Lighting, around 197?

At first glance this looks like a bunch of itinerant roadies waiting around for the imminent Lynyrd Skynyrd Australian tour.
But great oaks from little acorns grow. This is in fact the complete stock and staff of Utopia Sound and Lighting, half of which became ARX in 1983.

Much to the consternation of their neighbours, pulling all the equipment out and stacking it on the nature strip for a photograph seemed to be a regular occurrence every other weekend!
L to R: David Park, Colin Park, Tim O'Halloran, Andrew Holmes.

Sharp eyed pro audio trivia hounds will no doubt recognise the VERY early TAC 16-2 console in the centre of the picture. Built into a tasteful(?) green roadcase, it was TAC's version of a Souncraft S1.

Dave Park 1970's
...and now
Colin Park 1970's
...and now

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