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A piece of history - EQ60 #1!
And also - #2!
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This EQ60 was brought into the factory on the 12th August 1998 for its first ever service!

It has no serial number, but internal parts codes identify it as coming from the #1 pre-production batch of 10 in May 1989, which were used by rental companies for product evaluation

Although it still worked perfectly, after many years of hard gigging owner Ian Harvey thought it was time for a check up. He has personally owned it for 7 years, during which time it has never missed a beat, and expects to have it for many more.

Early EQ60s can be identified by the 4 large countersunk screws on the front panel, which hold it to the chassis. Later ones use an extruded front panel, and the chassis screws into the side of this extrusion. The rear connectors are also all in one line along the rear panel on later models.

This particular EQ60 could be identified externally as an early pre-production model by the lack of screws and screw holes across the rear of the lid attaching it to the rear panel. This oversight was changed when production began in August 1989

A few years later we were ecstatic when production hit 1,000, and posed for a local newspaper photo clutching the lucky EQ60!

The lead story line began: "Why are these three aging hippies smiling?"

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