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EQ60 #2!

Another EQ60 from the #1 pre-production batch of 10 manufactured in May 1989. Owner Dick Busser bought it from the original owners, Capricorn Sudios, Darwin in 1991.

"It's a sonic marvel" he says, "I can't imagine why they didn't keep it"

Although the unit was in excellent condition, having been in a studio environment all its life, a catastrophe occurred while Dick was moving to a new house. He accidentally stepped back on it and snapped off some slider knobs, so it was packed off to the factory for new sliders and some TLC.

The ARX EQ Dept worked their magic on it, made a couple of early model production mods to stiffen the front panel (although he left the rears of the top and bottom lids free of screws to keep it looking original), replaced the stunted sliders, modified the grounding to make it even quieter, and then shipped it back to Dick ready to go.

A happy ending!

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