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Another piece of history - SS700 #7!

Steve from Advanced Audio, a leading Melbourne PA rental company, is the proud owner of this piece of history - the 7th SS700 ever built.
Most of the people working at ARX had never seen one of these - built at the old factory (and we've been in the new one over 20 years!)

Still in regular rental use, it had been in a rack that had fallen out of their truck, so with 'better safe than sorry' in mind Steve brought it in for a checkup.

The doctor's report? A1 condition! Amazingly the fans are the original ones fitted 14 years ago and still going strong.

Original 1984 PR photo of the internals of a 700. Amp assembly people today cry when they see the low parts count inside!


No power switch, no level controls, not even an LED on the front! Rumour has it that early customers would check if it was running by inserting a finger into the fan grille. If their nails got clipped, it was running!

This amp is stamped # 07; from #11 onwards this oversight was corrected and they all had a power LED fitted.

About the SS700

The SS700 was our first venture into manufacturing amplifiers on a production line basis. Prior to this we were just building amplifiers as people ordered them. But we could see the writing was on the wall for the 4RU monsters that just about everyone else was making, and we thought that a compact, powerful (for its time!) 2RU amplifier might be pretty successful.
Many thousands of amplifiers later, it turns out we were right!
In a light hearted moment we christened them SS for Skinny Sound, and 700 for the combined output power (350W x 350W into 8 ohms).

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