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Early Parametric Equalizer

This was the forerunner to the very successfulARX Multi Q Parametric Equalizer: the Park Audio 8 channel Parametric System.

The principle of operation is exactly the same as the Multi Q - 8 individual EQ channels normalled so that Input 1 runs through to Output 8, unless you break it by inserting an output jack at, say, Channel 4, at which point you can start again at Channel 5.

Which meant that then as now, you only needed to use as many channels as necessary to tweak your EQ. Whatever was left over could be used to EQ something else. With most parametrics, the temptation is to 'over EQ' and use all 5 or 6 bands because you've paid for them and by crikey you'll get value out of them or else!

The controls are identical to the Multi Q - the only real difference is this one is 8 channels in 3 RU, the Multi Q is 6 channels in 1 RU (or 18 channels in 3 RU).

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