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'Titanic' Processor and Amplifier come back to life!

When Australia's Northern Territory suffered extensive flooding, ARX dealer Ray Cattermole received an unusual service call. "The pub's been flooded for three months - can you come out and have a look at the sound system?"

When he got there he found this early 912 2 way processor in a very waterlogged amp rack along with 2 x 1200VC amplifiers, all of which had been continuously under 3 m (10 feet) of water during those three months.

Despite a little surface rust in areas where the paint had scratched off sometime during the last 15 years, the processor was in remarkably good shape, and after some hard work with a hair dryer, worked first time it was switched on.

Still, while the pub was having extensive post flooding repair work done, Ray took the opportunity of sending the rack down to the factory for a thorough checkout.

We couldn't quite bring it up to current speaker processor specs, but we did make sure that it was working safely! So its heart will go on (forever?) Cue music and Celine!

After the floods, the 1200VC amp was also dried out and went straight back to work. But the salt water had taken its toll on the alloy heatsink and power transistors, and eventually the corrosion started to cause problems.

So it was sent on a quick trip to the factory for a dose of intensive TLC*, where about 5mm of silt was cleaned out of the chassis, a couple of mosfets were replaced, and it was business as usual for this old warhorse!

Incredibly the original fans, after 3 months under water and 10 years hard use, were still in perfect working condition

*Tender Loving Care!

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