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Amplifier survives trial by fire (updated)

A few years ago Mark Barry, from popular Melbourne, Australia rental company BS Sound was the victim of a fire in his truck, which caused severe damage to nearly everything in the back.

Luckily this didn't include his original ARX SS300 amplifier, pictured above. Although suffering cosmetic damage to the paint finish, the amplifier was electrically undamaged!

Mark had it completely checked out, and with the addition of a replacement power switch and front panel sticker, it's still going strong.

Unfortunately the Rev 7 underneath didn't fare nearly so well, and was a write-off!

!!! STOP PRESS Christmas 2004, and Mark has informed us that sadly the brave little 300 has played its final gig, 7 years after the fire! Although still working, it began suffering intermittent problems, so it has been put out to pasture in his home stereo for a long and happy retirement!


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