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Early electronic products

Sixgate from the very first production run

Now a very rare collectors item, this original production run Sixgate has pride of place in the ARX Museum. The bronze and cream colour scheme proved less than popular with the world's music press,

being commented on in every review and was replaced within a year by a black fronted version (see below). The current silver/dark blue colour scheme dates from a major re-vamp in 1998.

This 2nd production run Sixgate is virtually identical to a Series 1, except for the colour.

It comes from the collection of Les Marton, freelance engineer to the aurally impaired!

Original 3 way speaker processor

Before ARX, and even before ART, we were Audio-Design Systems, and one of our very first products was a 3 way speaker processor, the Phase Aligned Integrated Control Unit.

With 3 way filter cards, 24dB per octave slope,Interactive Speaker Control, LED ramps for each frequency band - this hand made unit was well ahead of its time in 1983.

CU 1812 speaker processor

Cosmetically and electronically similar to the previous unit, this later CU 1812 model was redesigned for production line assembly. The same controls, the same LED ramps in a slicker

(for then!) package, this was a dedicated unit for our first Concert Series speaker cabinet offered for sale, the 1812 Mk II. (The Mk 1 was for in-house R & D use only)

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