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Big Gigs #2

ARX to Skunk Baxter's rescue

Skunk and assistant dial up some funky sounds

Dateline 1985, at the Music Exhibition in Melbourne.

 Instead of having a stand at the show, we rented some space outside the show and had a tent full of speaker boxes that we cranked up at regular intervals.

Enter the late Pat Bonham, well known music industry figure, who rushes up and says (add Irish accent here) "Lads, can you help me? I'm launching my new range of speaker boxes but they haven't arrived and I've got Jeff "Skunk" Baxter doing a demo in half an hour!"

Luckily we had a truckful of 1812's standing by and were able to help him and Skunk out, although personally I wouldn't want to launch my new range of speakers by using someone else's.

Still, that's show biz!

"..what a cheap tent show, oh no no no no no...* "
Dunk and Jim Laing man the tent.

*Australian Crawl "When the Boys Light Up"

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