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What Do The Letters ARX Stand For?

Some background first: The business was an amalgamation of Colin and David Park's company Park Audio, and Duncan Fry's company PFC Music Services (originally Rehearsal Studio Hire - see below).

Park Audio was initially called Utopia Sound and Lighting, but was renamed when they got out of the lighting business and concentrated on audio.

Above pix taken from a very well used windcheater!

How we got the ARX name

We first started life as Audio-Design Systems back in 1983.

We lived with this for a while, but later on we thought that something with the word 'Technology' in it would create an impression of a go-ahead hi- tech company in people's minds

So we changed it to Audio Research & Technology, which condensed to the neat acronym ART when printed on front panels.

This was just fine. It looked good and lent itself to slogans such as 'State of the ART'

Then, to our collective horror, we opened up Mix Magazine from the USA one day and found that half of the old MXR company had metamorphosed into ART - APPLIED Research and Technology. (I think the other half became Alesis)

Aaagh! What were we to do? We could fight it out in court, but of all the ways of losing money, giving it to a bunch of lawyers seemed to be the least enjoyable! We tried ART Australia for a while, but felt it was a little jingoistic for worldwide use.


After several mammoth brainstorming sessions we decided to drop the T, change the & to an X, and established ARX as a Registered Trade Mark ® around the world (at truly astonishing cost!!!)

So ARX it is, and ARX it stays!

Since 1998 was our 15th Anniversary we created a special version of the logo to celebrate the occasion

Currently we're using a version with our Internet address under it, since it's a Wired, Wired World, thus reinforcing the web address/name combination

In 2003 it was our 20th Birthday, so we created a special version of the logo to celebrate this momentous occasion

1983 - 2003

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