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Early Speaker Systems

1812 test mule

A rare picture of the original 1812 series 1 cabinet that we used for experimental work. As you can see, we tried just about everything! Basically an all-in-one horn loaded 3 way box - we tried the piezo array for VHF but it was a bit harsh. A change of compression driver to an Emilar (made by well known Industry personality Algis Renkus) removed the need for them anyway.

The layout of the folded horn for the single 18" bass driver proved extremely efficient, and by careful experimentation we managed to get the

ports for the rear chamber to roll in just as the horn was rolling off.

The zeppelin in the midrange flare was not a total success - problems with the foam mix inside the fibreglass occasionally causing them to split open at the most inopportune moments. Further R & D led to the PowerDome (TM) design which worked better, had a much more even dispersion, and didn't explode!

Horns Sunnyside Up!

Dave Park and a younger (and thinner) Dunk doing intensive R & D on the midrange flare and enjoying the sunshine on a typically beautiful warm sunny Melbourne day

The 906

Dave Park doing his very best Napoleon imitation, standing next to a raw 906 (we figured that it was half an 1812) and an unexploded zeppelin.
The 906 was a box well ahead of its time - a 15 driving into a zeppelin loaded flare, with the rear of the speaker driving into a folded bass horn, with a 1" 90 x 40 HF horn. The package delivered staggering output for a 2 way box, but market forces decided it was too big for just a 2 way.
So we redesigned it as the 912, with a 12' midrange on a PowerDome™ flare.

This sounded and sold even better!

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