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More Early Stuff

12 into 6 Monitor Console

This rarity from 1983 is in the proud possession of Rod Watts, of Noosa, Queensland. So early that it doesn't even have a name on it!

At the time affordable monitor consoles were thin on the ground, and everyone and their dog was searching for one that they could send out with driveway (dry) hire systems. Typically though, what started off as a very basic product started to rapidly acquire 'chronic feature bloat' (= expensive), and we got out of the console biz.

A-DS 2 way crossover Proudly owned by Remy XXX, this early A-DS stereo crossover still does everyday duty in his Front of House rig! Despite many attempts to induce him to part with it and upgrade to a new EC-2, he refuses to give it up. "It's a classic, mate" he says.
Each channel has switchable frequency selection, and as can be seen from the interior view (upper Left), it's designed on a modular basis.
Accurate date coding is provided by the hand-written rear panel (lower Left) which, even at this low resolution, you can still see reads 20th of the 10th month, 1983

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