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ARX Systems is owned and run by Audio Engineers with over 60 years combined experience in our industry. So, because we use the products as well as design them, we understand the needs of Audio Professionals, whether they work in the area of Installation, Sound Reinforcement, Studio or Broadcast.

These 'Unique Selling Points' (USPs) have been written to give you a brief overview of ARX products and what makes people choose them over the multitude of other products on the market. We've compiled them with the help of feedback from customers all round the world.

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Afterburner II
Not just another compressor limiter, but a unique signal processor.
Easily set up as a two channel compressor, or a stereo linked compressor, or as a single channel, dual band compressor, able to compress low and high frequencies separately and mix them back to a single full range signal.
At last, a compressor that brings an end to pumping and breathing effects. No longer will the low frequencies modulate the midrange and high frequencies, even under heavy compression.
Plus, a unique Enhance switch for putting the punch and sparkle back into heavily compressed program material. Think of it as a 'smart' loudness control, or the 'sound good' switch!
Great metering, Balanced Inputs and Outputs on XLR and jack connectors, plus Sidechain insert. A truly unique and useful audio tool.

The simple, straightforward solution for supplying 2 audio zones with up to four stereo sources such as: Tape/cassette/DVD/CD decks, TV/Satellite/video audio, Juke Box/Karaoke systems, as well as a microphone. Totally intuitive, even for casual staff with no prior experience.
Easily switch from the football/mud wrestling on Satellite to background music, to dinner orders, to karaoke.Interlocking switches with status LEDs for each source ensure that there is no risk of accidentally selecting two sources for the one zone.
And because we're dedicated audio professionals, there is comprehensive 3 way EQ on the microphone and 2 way EQ on the stereo audio sources.
An optional remote volume control completes this extremely useful package

A new Dual Channel compressor/limiter with 'industry standard' controls and Balanced XLR and jack Inputs and Outputs.

There is full LED metering and status indication for all parameters. As well, it includes new Above/Below Threshold LEDs, and our unique 'Enhance' switch for putting the punch and sparkle back into heavily compressed program material. Think of it as a 'smart' loudness control, or the 'sound good' switch!
Superb hand made in Australia quality at an extremely competitive price!

There's no shortage of Equalizers out there, and we realised that in order to get people to buy ours we had to produce one that really delivers the goods.
And this is it.
The EQ260 is that rarity in pro audio - an equalizer that people actually like to use.
Classic good looks meet 2016's 'better than digital' specifications, with our new
XR Extended Resolution long throw faders for maximum control.
Constant Q circuitry for true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) fader settings, super accurate Constant Q VCVS filters, ultra low noise, switchable sweepable 20 to 200Hz High Pass filter, Balanced Ins and Outs on XLR and jacks, and general all round musicalness. Use it once and you'll never want to part with it!

It's got great specifications, but the first time you hold it in your hand you'll realize the thought that's gone into it.

It's an Active Direct Box with a difference - you'll never have to worry about batteries again! Because we know what it's like out there, we've put a Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery inside. Now it will charge itself from the Phantom Power whenever it's connected, and also has provision to plug in an external power supply (commonly klnown as a 'wall wart') if you have no Phantom Power on the desk.
Plus it's a DI with more than enough headroom to run cleanly at true professional levels; and also has a SEPARATE speaker level input when you need to capture that amplifier sound.

DI-Plus 2 RC
As above but in stereo!

The interface king!
Six In/Six Out active DI boxes, a Six In/One out Line Mixer (at the same time), Individual Level controls, and a Master Level control (at the same time!), all in one value packed rack unit.
Unbalanced Hi Z ins, Balanced XLR outs, with individual audio ground lift switches, the DI6s is a total pro audio interface solution.
But wait - there's More! Press a switch on the back and it becomes a One In/Six Out Microphone (or Line) splitter (audio distribution amp), with its own XLR Balanced Input, Gain control and individual level controls. AC powered, plus Phantom compatible.
It's unique, and it really works. No engineer or system should be without one.

If you love your compact Digital (or Analog) mixing console, but wish it had more microphone inputs, ARX has the solution – the 8 Pre: eight channels of superb sounding Microphone Pre-amps in a compact 1 RU chassis. Balanced XLR in, balanced jack line out, 48V phantom power, Gain trim controls, phase reverse switches, pad switches, overload indicators - it's got the lot!

Line splitting is seemingly a simple task. But at pro levels you need headroom, and lots of it. Something the MaxiSPLIT has bags of!
Ruler flat frequency response, fully balanced XLR inputs and outputs.
The MaxiSPLIT has two modes - Dual channel One In/Four Out, or Single channel One In/Eight Out.
The ARX MaxiSPLIT has applications in Sound Reinforcement, Installation and Broadcast industries.

Mixing it with the best! In Stereo mode the MaxiMIX effortlessly combines 4 hot stereo line level signals into a single stereo pair, in an intuitive user-friendly package.
In Single Channel mode it will mix 8 line level signals down to one.
Massive headroom, ruler flat frequency response, fully balanced XLR inputs and outputs.
Ideal for multiple signal sources - for example DJ, Audio for Video, Karaoke, Live Sound - that need to run through the one speaker system.

Mixing Microphones has never been easier. The MIXX features 4 Channels of Balanced Mic or Line Inputs with Input Gain Trim, 3 way EQ, Volume Control and Pan. Phantom Power is also available by pressing a rear panel switch
If you want to use the preamps of individual channels (say for recording) the MIXX also features Balanced Outputs on all Channels.

With two Mic inputs identical to those on the MIXX, plus one Stereo Line input with 3 way EQ, and two Stereo Aux inputs, all 3 of them on RCA connectors, the MIXXMaster is an all round installation Mixing package.
Channel 1 Mic input also features a switchable Override which 'Ducks' all other inputs when a signal is applied to the Channel 1 input. Master Output Levels complete the Package.

MSX 48
A 16 Input, 48 Output passive transformer balanced and isolated Mic/Line splitter in an all steel 3RU chassis. Sixteen Input channels with three separate outputs per channel - Main, Monitor on the front, Aux on the back. As well as XLR connectors, there are D-sub multipin connectors for the Inputs and Aux out on the rear panel. No powere required, nothing to set up, nothing to configure - just plug and play, and the precision engineered ARX transformers do the rest.

Like all ARX equipment, the MSX 48 provides superb hand made in Australia quality at an extremely competitive price!

Exactly the same specs as the MSX48, but this is a 4 channel unit in a 1 RU all steel chassis. Same connections on the front, and one XLR transformer isolated output per channel on the rear. Great ground loop isolating unit for smaller mic applications. Once again, superb
hand made in Australia quality at an extremely competitive price!

MSX 32
Splitting Microphone and Line Signals without degrading audio quality has never been easier, thanks to the ARX MSX 32 four channel active Mic/Line splitter.
The thing to stress here is total quality and reliability. Eight Input Channels of low noise, high headroom Mic Pre-Amps are each split to 4 Electronically Balanced Outputs (Transformer Option available).
For further flexibility, each channel can be linked to its neighbour for a possible total of One In, 32 Out!
Phantom Power is switchable to each input. Taking over 2 seconds to reach 48VDC, ARX's unique Slow Ramping Phantom Power Supply ensures there are no Loudspeaker destroying transients or bangs.
Each channel also has a 'Listen' (PFL) switch, plus +20dB Gain and -20dB Pad switches with status LEDs.
An internal shielded toroidal power supply completes this superb package.

Quadcomp II®
The latest version of our classic industry leader. Four fully featured compressor limiters in one rack unit. Upgraded version of much loved pioneer product; the industry's first (in 1987) Four channel compressor in 1 RU! A world first, and now much copied.
Smooth, quality compression at all ratios, using the latest state of the art VCAs and RMS detectors. Balanced XLR Inputs and Outputs, naturally, plus a Sidechain insert point on each compressor channel.
Each channel of the QuadcompII® is totally independent and can be used anywhere in the line level signal chain, or can be linked for accurate stereo tracking.

If you want total dynamics control over four channels, then the Quadcomp II® is what you need.

It's got the specifications and performance that professionals expect, plus a 'user friendly' layout that even entry level users can understand. Enough gates to handle a complete drum kit in one rack unit. No skimping on controls - each gate is fully featured with Threshold, Depth and Release controls, Balanced Inputs and Outputs, as well as a Key Input/Sidechain Insert.
Everything is at your fingertips - no scrolling through time wasting menus - all controls are right there in front of you, all the time. Unique opto-coupler circuitry gives ultra low noise figures that traditional VCA gates would die for!


And finally: Do you need to protect your control settings from prying fingers? Well, look no further. Steel ARX security covers are available for all these products, whether it's 1, 2 or 3RU. 

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