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Ensiferum rack up for ARX

A house-full crowd of Heavy Metal fans were there to see Finnish Metal group "Ensiferum" recently at showcase venue Billboard in Melbourne, Australia, as part of their Australian, China and Taiwan tour.

ARX Director Duncan Fry went along to the show to meet up with Ensiferum's Sound engineer and long time ARX user Eki Saviharju.

Duncan reports Eki takes his own rack of ARX with him wherever he goes on tour. It comprises a variety of ARX interface products including an AudiBox Optimizer, Iso Balancer and Iso Later, and also a DI-6SM to playback song intros from a Korg Digital Mixer / Recorder, and to send a click track back through the bands monitor system.

Pauli Molnár at Starlike Oy, ARX's hardworking Finish distributor supplies Eki with his ARX gear.

Eki Saviharju and his well travelled rack of ARX Interface products.

Ensiferum rack detail

Eki and Duncan share a post gig beer

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