Why choose the ARX MSX48 16 in, 48 Out ISO-Transformer Microphone/Line Splitter?

So, you need a passive, transformer isolated, low noise Mic/line splitter for audio production?

Of course, there are a number of products out there in the market that you can choose from.
Here are some of the best features of the MSX48 to show you why this innovative mic/line splitter ­ designed and built by ARX - should be your product of choice.

Overview of the MSX48:

The MSX48 is a totally passive device requiring no power and consists of Sixteen channels of transformer isolated ultra-low noise Microphone/Line Splitter. Each of these channels has a direct looped Main/FOH feed allowing phantom powering, a transformer isolated Monitor split on the front panel and a transformer isolated Auxiliary split on the rear panel.

Why choose the MSX48?

What it does: The MSX48 will handle both low level Mic and high-level Line level signals with equal high performance.

Why that’s important:

Some other units are either dedicated 'Mic level only' devices, unsuited for line level signals, or are dedicated 'Line level' units, seemingly not ideal for low level Mic signals.

The unique design:

The MSX 48 Monitor and Aux outputs use separate individual windings on each channel providing true galvanic ground / earth isolation and low interaction.

Why that’s important:

Some other units have only 1 transformer isolated output per channel, so are really just an isolator, or parallel transformer secondaries, raising the possibilities of increased noise and interaction.

The quality of the components:

The MSX48 uses high quality / high cost metal Amphenol connectors with gold plated contact pins, ensuring good R.F rejection and reliable contacts in the long term.

Why that’s important:

Some other units use low quality plastic or nylon connectors with tin pins. Enough said.

A straightforward solution:

The MSX48 is a stand alone unit, ready to use straight out of the carton.

Why that’s important:

You can't plug XLRs straight into the outputs of some other units, you have to buy and use D Subs (wired to their standard), or phoenix connectors and break out to a flying tail, or an external XLR patch panel. Thus raising the overall cost of the splitting system and greatly increasing the risk of faulty or loose cabling & connections.


That's why you should choose the MSX48!


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