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PSI lauds ARX MSX 48 Mic / Line Splitter

Perth, Australia.

In front of a pre Christmas audience of approximately 5000 on the South Perth Foreshore West Australian Rental Company PSI Sound provided production for the annual Mandurah Christmas Carols evening.

PSI have recently added a pair of ARX MSX 48 Mic / Line Splitters to their rental inventory, allowing them to split the fully mic'd 10 piece Band, backing groups, soloists and the MC that easily filled their 32 Channel Monitor Console.

PSI's Rodger Miller said "Everyone at the Gig commented to us that it was the best sound they have had in 4 years of doing the event, and the MSX48 split made it possible to achieve this with ease. System setup took an hour and a half and patching was easy."

Since their beginnings in 2005 PSI have been providing production around Western Australia for clients including the Mandurah Crab Fest, Subiaco Street Festival, Ktown Blues and Roots in Kwinana, South Perth Church Of Christ, Pinjarra Festival and many others.

Pictured: MSX 48 Splitters side of stage with PSI Audio at the Mandurah Christmas Carols

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