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ARX USB DI boxes Grand Slam the web

 Melbourne, Australia.

Darren McKenzie from the Melbourne, Australia based production company "The Loft Productions" used ARX USB-DI USB Digital to Analogue transformer isolated interfaces at the recent Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam at Melbourne's Rod Laver Arena.

Darren described the USB DIs as being ideal for the "on air play out" from the commentators' computers and audio feed located in the Pit commentary position below court level. The transformer isolated outputs ensured noise free performance when connected to the complex broadcast audio system used at the Open.

The commentary was streamed via the USB DIs to the "Tennis Radio Network" and then up-streamed globally though the world wide web to an estimated on line audience of around 2+ million tennis fans.

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Pictured; ARX USB DI courtside at the Australian Open providing the audio stream to the global 'Tennis Radio Network'

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