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PSU 32 Backup/Redundant PSU for the MSX 32 Active Splitter

Hand made in Australia

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  • Automatic switching Backup/Redundant PSU for the MSX 32 Active Splitter
  • Supplies up to 6 x MSX32 splitters

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Internal Power Supply and the PSU32 Redundant back-up supply
The MSX 32 uses an internal toroidal transformer based power to get the maximum benefit from the ultra low noise design of the splitter circuitry.

However, for “critical” applications where systems must keep operating, we recommend including the PSU 32 Backup/Redundant power supply unit. Individual +V, -V and 48VDC rail LED indicators show when the PSU 32 redundant power supply unit is connected to the MSX 32.

An illuminated power switch on the front panel provides visual confirmation of AC power connection to the unit.
Six XLR type 5 pin connectors on the rear panel enable 1 x PSU32 to provide automatically switched backup power to up to six MSX 32 units.





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T E C H N I C A L || S P E C I F I C A T I O N S


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AC Mains Input Fused IEC socke

AC Power Fixed - 220-240V AC 1 amp or 100-120V AC 2 amp

Transformer Type 2 x Low-noise toroidal

DC Connectors 6 x 5 pin XLR type connectors:
– Pin 1: + VDC, Pin 2: – VDC, Pins 3 and 4: Ground, Pin 5 +48V

Size 19”W x 1¾"”H x 8”D, 482 x 44 x 200 mm

Weight ~9lbs (~4.5Kg)

Options 5 Pin XLR to 5 Pin XLR cable for linking to the MSX32

Front Panel

  • Individual LEDs indicate +V, -V and 48VDC rail status
  • Illuminated AC power switch

Rear Panel

  • IEC 3 pin AC connector and integral fuseholder. Replace fuse with correct value only: 100–120 V AC 2 amp, 220–240 V AC 1 amp.
  • Six individual 5 Pin XLR Sockets for DC Link connection to MSX 32.
    Wired Pin 1: + VDC, Pin 2: - VDC, Pins 3 and 4: Ground, Pin 5 +48V



Electronically Balanced Main and Monitor Outputs, Transformer Balanced Outputs Splits 1 and 2


Transformer Balanced All Outputs

PSU32 cable

Optional dual 5 pin XLR cable for connecting an MSX32 to a PSU32 redundant power supply

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