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Thanks for looking through the ARX range of Professional Audio products

We hope you find it interesting and useful. Please let us know if there is any other information you need. We are very aware that you have a wide range of competing pro audio products to choose from, and naturally we would like to do everything possible to help you choose ARX.

If we may, we'd like to point out a couple of things about ARX that you won't find in the technical specifications:
By far the most popular comments from ARX first time users are "It's so easy to install and set up!" and "It does exactly what it says it does!" and that's good, because we try to design things that way. To borrow a buzz phrase from the computer industry, the products are 'user-friendly'. We believe you shouldn't need a PhD to use any of our products, just a pair of ears and some commonsense.

Secondly, because here at the factory we're all pro audio users as well as designers, a lot of our products are unique. When we started ARX, we did so because we couldn't buy a lot of the products we wanted to use, products that we felt would make the job easier for the professional installer and the person at the console.

Our MSX 32 Active Mic/Line splitter raises the bar for active splitters, with its ultra low noise precision design and ease of use. The MSX 48 fully transformer balanced passive splitter takes 'ease of use' to a new level - just plug and play.

The unique ARX MaxiSPLIT and MaxiMIX have been installed in venues worldwide, including the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Other popular installation products include the versatile MIXXmaker 1 RU mixers.

The DI-6SM is a product that stands alone as a true pro-audio problem solver. Our Sixgate" is unique in giving you not four, but six full function noise gates in one compact unit, and our ZoneMix zoner/mixer provides a complete music management system in 1 RU!

And last but definitely not least, the Audibox line of 'little blue boxes'. Professional audio tools in a compact, rugged package. Splitters, switchers, USB Direct Boxes and interfaces, transformer balancers and isolaters, and a whole lot more. These little boxes have cleaned up audio and solved problems for engineers all around the world. Why not join them?

If this is the first time you've heard of ARX, thanks for your interest. We hope this has given you some background on the basic concepts behind ARX products. If you'd like to know more, just let us know. ind ARX products. If you'd like to know more, just let us know.

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