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Technical Files, Application Notes and FAQs
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  1. Audibox - about USB Audio Q and A Notes
  2. Audibox USB DI info for Win 8
  3. Audibox USB DI info for Win 7
  4. Audibox USB DI info for Win XP
  5. ARX vs OEM build quality
  6. Using the DI_PLUS RC Active Direct Box
  7. Using the DI_PLUS 2 RC Stereo Active Direct Box 
  8. Afterburner™ Enhanced Compressor Limiter
  9. Sixgate™ Six Channel Noise Gate
  10. Sixgate Q and A
  11. DI6sm Six Channel Direct Box, Splitter and Mic/Line Mixer 
  12. Is Mains AC power important?
  13. Why do I need a DI (Direct) Box and What do they do? 
  14. Why has my front panel bent?
  15. How can I keep my Audio gear cool?
  16. My system Hums. What should I do?
  17. How can I learn about Mixing Live Sound?

P.S. If you're looking for a general all round easy-to-read introduction to Live Sound, we recommend Duncan Fry's latest 4th edition of the LIVE SOUND MIXING book. It's a worldwide Best Seller, fun to read, not deadly serious, and crammed full of useful hands-on information. For how to order information, the E-mail address is:

Click on this link to go the LIVE SOUND MIXING HomePage

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