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MaxiDrive - Eight channel High Current Line Driver / Distribution Amplifier
"High current Line Driver for any application!"

Hand made in Australia

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  • 8 x XLR Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Channels fully linkable – 8 in, 8 out; 2 in, 4 out; through to 1 in, 8 out
  • 15dB of Gain per channel
  • Individual level controls
  • Intuitive, 'user friendly' layout
  • Flawless audio performance


  • Driving Active self-powered Loudspeaker Arrays
    These often require +4 to +10dB to reach their rated output.
  • Driving multiple Power Amplifiers
  • Conference centres
  • Educational facilities
  • Broadcast line driving

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About the MaxiDRIVE
The ARX MaxiDrive Line Driver and Distribution Amplifier provides 8 High Current Line outputs from 8 inputs. As well, each Output can be linked to the preceding one to provide any configuration required.

For example: 8 In, 8 Out, 2 x sets of 1 In, 4 Out, 1 In, 8 Out or similar can be set up simply by pressing the Link switches to link a channel to its predecessor.

The MaxiDrive's intuitive layout and clear, uncluttered labelling enables a quick and easy solution to the increasing demands of today’s standards of audio production.

Probably the single biggest improvement you can make to a Line Array system?

With the advent and widespread use of large self powered line array loudspeaker systems, the change in system signal drive requirements has been missed by many Signal Processor / DSP Processor Designers and Manufacturers.

Here at ARX we realise that the real work doesn't end at the male XLRs on the rear of the system processor. More consideration needs to be given to what follows on in the signal chain, plus the demands multiple loudspeaker input impedance loads place on processor output stages.

The perceived grittiness and lack of clarity at high operating levels sometimes attributed to the Loudspeaker system's performance could more likely be attributed to the inability of the preceding signal processors in the audio chain to drive low impedance loads at high voltage levels over long reactive cables, which present both a capacitive and inductive load to the output drive stage.

In short, you need a line driver that can comfortably drive multiple inputs per channel with the headroom required for accurate audio reproduction. The MaxiDrive is that line driver. Its very low output impedance virtually eliminates any deleterious cable loading effects and high frequency loss.

Enter the MaxiDRIVE
The circuit topography chosen for the ARX MaxiDrive 's output has more in common with a power amplifier than the low current opamp derived circuits usually favoured by designers, which are expected to operate into loads of 600ohms and higher.

Improving the performance of Non Powered Systems as well.

The ARX MaxiDrive will of course happily provide the current drive and voltage swing to drive multiple power amplifiers in large non self-powered systems, removing the requirement for individual signal splitters and line buffers in separate amplifier racks.

Conventional loudspeaker processor output stages can find driving multiple Amplifier racks using line input transformers too complex a load to retain their low distortion performance. The ARX MaxiDrive will retain its specs while driving multiple amplifier channels.

Suggested Schematic for driving Isolation Transformers


ARX's design team has engineered the MaxiDrive for maximum reliability, using premium components through all audio and power supply circuits.

All integrated circuits (ICs) are premium quality devices manufactured by JRC, and all Audio signal chain Electrolytic capacitors are bypassed with low value polyester capacitors to ensure pristine high frequency performance.

Every MaxiDrive is hand soldered, with a 100% visual PCB QC check prior to assembly. Which is why we say...

You'll never compromise on Quality when you choose ARX

T E C H N I C A L || S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

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Input impedance

Max Input Level

Max gain through unit


Freq response


Max output Level

Output Impedance

Signal to Noise ratio

Dynamic Range

Balanced 40K ohms unbalanced 20K



–60dB @ 1KHz

20Hz - 20KHz ± .25dB

0.004% at 1Khz, +10dB output


< 20 ohms

-92dB unweighted.



 Front Panel

  • Channels 1 – 8 Level controls
  • Channels 1 – 8 Clip LEDs
  • Channels 1 – 8 Link Switches and status LEDs
  • AC 'power connected' LED
  • Marker panel for labelling individual channel assigns

Rear Panel

  • Channels 1 – 8 Input and Output Balanced XLR connectors
    Wired Pin 3 –, Pin 2 +, Pin 1 Ground
  • IEC 3 pin AC connector and integral fuseholder. Replace fuse with correct value only: 100–120V AC 5 amp, 220–240 V AC 3 amp
Hand made in Australia!

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