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MSX 12 - 4 in, 12 Out ISO-Transformer Microphone/Line Splitter

Hand made in Australia

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  • Four channel / three way split per channel
  • Passive unit - no power required
  • Ultra low noise design
  • Transformer Balanced Inputs and Outputs
  • Inputs and Main Outputs hard wired to pass Phantom Power
  • Intuitive, 'user friendly' layout
  • Flawless audio performance


  • Houses of worship
  • Conference centres
  • Educational facilities
  • Broadcast splitting

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About the MSX 12
The ARX MSX 12 Transformer isolated Microphone/Line Splitter has been developed to deliver noise-free audio splitting with minimal setup time. Its intuitive layout and clear, uncluttered labelling enables a quick and easy solution to the increasing complexity of today’s standards of audio production.

The MSX 12 is a totally passive device requiring no power, and consists of Four channels of transformer isolated ultra low noise Microphone/Line Splitter. Each of these channels has a direct looped Main/FOH feed, and a transformer isolated Monitor split on the front panel.

On the rear panel is an Auxiliary transformer isolated split ideal for use with a remote recording truck or TV feed.

The all-steel chassis of the MSX 12 provides strong interference resistant shielding. Internally, state-of-the-art transformers deliver superb audio quality and total galvanic isolation.

The MSX 12 is the easy answer to multi channel signal splitting requirements.

Typical System Layout using the MSX12

Every MSX12 is hand soldered, with a 48 hour burn in followed by a 100% re-test and visual PCB QC check prior to shipping. Which is why we say...

You'll never compromise on Quality when you choose ARX

T E C H N I C A L || S P E C I F I C A T I O N S

Input Impedance 300 Ohms

Output Impedance 2 secondaries @ 600 Ohms each

Frequency Response 30Hz - 20 KHz ± 1dB

Maximum Output Level + 20dBm

THD at Max Output 0.2% 30 Hz - 20KHz @ 20dBm

Insertion Loss 0.5dB @ 1 KHz (600 Ohm source & load)

Input Connectors 3 pin female XLR wired Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold

Main Output 3 Pin male XLR wired Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold

Monitor & Aux Output Split 3 pin male XLR wired Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 – Cold. Audio grounds not connected; Pin 1 is floating.

Weight 5 lbs (2.2 Kg)


Rear Panel detail, showing transformer isolated Split output
and Chassis Ground point

Front Panel

  • 4 x Hardwired balanced XLR Input and Main Outputs. Pin 3–, Pin 2 +, Pin 1 Ground
  • 4 x Hardwired transformer isolated balanced XLR Monitor Splits. Pin 3–, Pin 2 +, Pin 1 floating (not connected)
  • Marker panel for labelling individual channel assigns

Rear Panel

  • 4 x Hardwired transformer isolated balanced XLR Auxiliary Splits. Pin 3–, Pin 2 +, Pin 1 floating (not connected)
  • 2 x D Sub connectors for Monitor Splits
  • 2 x D Sub connectors for Auxiliary Splits
  • Screw Terminal Chassis Ground point

Note: No connections to Audio ground

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