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Application and Installation Notes for Audibox USB series with Win XP

About the ARX Audibox USB series

  • The ARX Audibox USB series of devices are true Plug-and-Play Digital/Analog audio interfaces, using the popular Universal Serial Bus connector found on computers - a digital version of the common Direct Injection (DI), or Direct box.
  • They are self contained, stand alone stereo units designed to interface stereo digital audio with professional balanced low impedance inputs.
  • They convert digital audio signals from your computer into analog ones that are happy to travel down a long line into a mixing console at the other end. In the case of the USB I-O it will also go the other way and convert analog signals to digital as well, making it a truly universal In/Out device.
  • Transformer isolated dual XLR connectors supply Balanced audio output from a USB connection.
  • Full Transformer Balanced output isolation eliminates earth loops / ground hum and other interaction noise and distortion.
  • A front panel status LED indicates that the unit is connected and operating.

No external power is required - all power required is supplied by the USB bus in the computer.

No drivers are required for operation under
Windows XP, Windows 7 / 8, and Macs running OS X or later. The USB devices are instantly recognised as generic USB audio devices, requiring no special driver program installation. The exception to this is the USB-I/O VSR, which requires installing an ASIO driver to use the 48 and 96 KHz sample rate settings.

USB Cable
We recommend you use either the USB cable supplied, or one no more than 4 metres (~12 feet) long.

Windows XP comes with full USB support, with drivers and Plug-and-Play hardware recognition installed by default during installation of the OS.
Nevertheless, there are a few changes to the default settings that we'll need to take care of first, to make the system ready for use with USB Audio.

The first is to keep the USB ports operating all the time. By default they turn off after a specific time if the computer thinks they are unused. This can happen while you're waiting for the show to start, or halfwat through a session

  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Click on System
  3. Click on the Hardware tab, then Click on Device Manager
  4. Click the + on Universal Serial Bus Controllers
  5. Scroll down to USB Root Hub
  6. Click on this, then click on the Power Management tab.
  7. You'll see a box with a tick in it, marked Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Click on the box to remove the tick then click on the OK button at the bottom of the window
  8. Repeat this process from stage 6 above for all the USB Root Hubs listed.

This is a government mandated power saving move, to prevent excess energy use, which probably works well for data, but not for music!

Next, the Windows default volume setting for USB Audio Devices is 50% of maximum. For our purposes this will be too low, inducing noise and hum as the gain following the USB-DI is increased

We recommend increasing this volume setting to 100%. Here's how to fix it in Windows XP

  1. Once the USB-DI is connected and has been recognised, Click on Control Panel
  2. Click on Sounds and Audio Devices
  3. Click on USB Audio Device
  4. Click on the Volume tab, and move the slider to the right, to 100%

This will give you the optimum signal to noise ratio and allow you to reduce the gain at the mixer.

NOTE: This still needs to be done even if you are using the USB DI-VC model. The volume control on this model only affects the analog outputs, and you'll need to increase the digital volume first.

NOTE 2: This will need to be done each time you plug the USB-DI in after removing it

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