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ARX Brochures - .PDF Format

We've put the ARX brochures into Adobe Acrobat .pdf format, so that you can reprint an exact razor sharp copy of the original popping out of your printer. These can be used for your own reference or for including in client presentation packs, quotes, tenders etc.
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Application Notes
Colour Pictures (All formats)

PowerPoint Presentations
Architectural Specifications (.TXT)
Manuals (.PDF format)

Discontinued /Superseded Product Information

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General Info

Click Here to download ARX 2019 Product Line catalogue sheet (5 Mb)

Signal Processing Brochures

AudiBox series

Balance 8 | DeBalance 8

BarMIX Multimedia Zoner/Mixer | BSX16 Broadcast Splitter

DI- Plus-R | DI-Plus 2-R | DI-6SM Six channel Direct box/Mic-Line splitter

8-Pre Multi channel Mic preamp

i-Switch 12 pair active speaker checker, tester, demonstrator

i-Switch+SUB 12 pair plus 4 SUB active speaker checker, tester, demonstrator

MaxiMIX | MaxiSPLIT | MIXX | MIXXMaster | MixxMaker

MSX 32 Active Mic/Line splitter

MSX 12 Iso Transformer Mic/Line splitter | | MSX 48 Iso Transformer Mic/Line splitter

UniMIX Mic/Line AV/Podcast Mixer with Automatic Volume Control


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